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CUAC Music Series: Matteo April 8th, 9pm

Matteo will be putting on a free show April 8th at Ephraim’s Pizza Gallery. They will go on at 9pm and play until 10pm.

If you’re traveling and it seems like buying a Chinese zither harp over five feet long is a good idea, let it be known that it actually costs more to ship it back home than what you bought it for. But so was the beginning of MATTEO, an indie folk feel on traditional Chinese instruments. Eric Chipman on guzheng and guitar is joined by Brinn Chipman on violin, erhu, morin khuur, Jordan Riley on ruan and Luke Williams on all of the above… and bass.


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  1. Diane Lockard | April 3, 2011 at 2:40 pm | Permalink

    I have friends and family that are definitely interested in going on the Party Bus.We like activities in both SLC and Ephraim…

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