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CUAC strives to develop and expand Utah’s regional art-culture through exhibitions of contemporary art and by creating a context for understanding it.

CUAC is a leading venue for contemporary art in Utah. Formerly Central Utah Art Center, CUAC has recently moved from our home of 20 years in Ephraim Utah due to censorship by Ephraim City officials. CUAC has always been an artist-run space.  Operated for 14 years as an artist cooperative by artist Kathleen Peterson, it became a venue for contemporary art operated by artist Adam Bateman and by artist Jared Latimer for a time.  CUACFrontA 501(c)3, the board of directors has always been largely comprised of artists.  The artist-centric approach is important to pioneering change in the art community and as an alternative to a more institutional approach to art more common in larger organizations.

This new chapter in CUAC’s ambitious mission will happen in downtown Salt Lake City, moving from the geographic center of Utah to the cultural center of Utah.

Consistent with a curatorial vision of empowering artists to create their own exhibitions and inviting guest curators for most group exhibitions, CUAC has a unique curatorial approach of strategically selecting artists because of their unique vision and aesthetic approach in a way that represents important trends in contemporary art worldwide and empowers the artists to push their own boundaries and grow as artists by being free to curate exhibitions of their own work outside of the constraints of a commercial setting.

CUAC aims to develop strong partnerships and collaborations with other statewide art organizations to help solidify a growing critical mass of contemporary art venues and artists in the state, while maintaining an inside outside approach that connects Utah artists and art professionals with the larger international community. CUAC has curated exhibitions of Utah artists in Los Angeles and New York City and exhibits Utah artists alongside artists from major cultural centers worldwide like Madrid, Berlin, London, New York City, Tokyo, Los Angeles, etc.

CUAC has received attention for its programming in Flash Art, Art Forum, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Art Resources,and many other international and national press outlets, and has received generous support from the Andy Warhol Foundation.

At CUAC, our aim is to continue to be a pioneer in contemporary art in Utah and to take a multifaceted approach to community development through education, exhibitions, symposia, criticism, education about art collecting, and collaboration.