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Past CUAC Artist Meridith Pingree at Cal State LA

Meredith Pingree Central Utah Art Center

The group exhibition titled “I’m Giving You My Dream Guns” presents drawings, sculptures, and installations by three New York based artists: Alexi Chisler, Libby Hartle, and Meridith Pingree. The work of these three artists is in various ways inspired by natural growth patterns, and explores the mechanics of organic processes by incorporating smaller elements to make up larger natural systems.

The title, “I’m Giving You My Dream Guns,” is not literal or descriptive, so much as an open-ended metaphor. The giving away of the dream gun refers to the way in which the exhibition presents the artists’ work: they give their power and ideas away to the audience, in the hope that it will give them power and inspiration.

“I am Giving You My Dream Guns.”

Artists: Alexi Chisler, Libby Hartle and Meridith Pingree

Curator: Mika Cho

Fine Art Gallery, Cal. State LA

Exhibition Dates: January 30th – February 25th

Opening Reception: January 30th

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