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Bubble Gum Pop – Micol Hebron at CUAC

Micol Hebron

“Bubble Gum Pop” An Exhibition of works by Micol Hebron. November 14 – December 9, 2009

Micol Hebron is a video and performance artist, writer, and curator based in Los Angeles.  She received her MFA in New Genres from UCLA.  In 2004 she founded the LA Art Girls, a collective of 30+ women artists in the LA area. Hebron currently writes for, Flash Art International, Arte Contexto and is on the editorial board of X-Tra magazine. She has exhibited extensively in the US and abroad. Recent shows include Rogue Wave, at LA Louver Gallery in Venice, CA, Make Out Session at Post Gallery in Los Angeles, and Is This The Real Life in Horazdovic, Czech Republic.

Micol Hebron is a multi-media artist whose practice explores and illuminates the idiosyncrasies of everyday behaviors as they are determined by gender, social context, power structures, and the art world. Her performances often function as social experiments, inserting a performative intervention into an existing situation with the intention of examining the performers’ experience through a durational activity as well as the responses that arise as a result of their presence. She utilizes humor, humility, and subversion as mechanisms to explore the often oxymoronic ways in which identity is located in contemporary society.


Micol Hebron (video) presents a two-projection installation entitled “Bubble Gum Pop.” The work responds to, and comments on, the futility of war, and how society sanitizes and inures itself to the realities of war through mechanisms of entertainment.  On one wall, young women are seen being styled and “made up” in projected salon-style portraits, while on an opposing wall, plays a projection of young men having their heads shorn, as if in preparation for military service. The ensuing youthful act of gum chewing and popping by both the men and the women evolves into sounds of gunshots, and disappearance.


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