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“Are We Having Fun Yet?” New work from Fay Ku

Exhibition Dates: October 14 – November 25

“Are We Having Fun Yet?” takes current political and economic events as a point of entry to explore ideas of security, passivity and general anxiety for the future. Although these concepts are serious, the result is not without humor.  Comprised of new works on paper, the works in this exhibition are a product of loosely associated images as mediations rather than projecting any one ideology or thesis.

Taiwanese-born American Fay Ku graduated from Pratt Institute with an MFA and a Master’s of Science in Art History. The faux-naïve nature of her illustrative style is exemplified by her use of watercolour, ink, and graphite on paper. Her choice of subject matter has evolved over the years, yet she retains the elegant juxtaposition of seriousness and puerility of her earlier art. Conscious of the fact that her unconscious is largely at work when she creates, her recent illustrations demonstrate a somewhat playfully cynical view of society. Her Darger-esque drawings present relevant socioeconomic commentary via images of modern-day youth of the glitterati living a neo-Rococo lifestyle, provoking the viewer to contemplate economic stability of the future and the results of passing the torch to a generation that seems to be more concerned with role-playing as rather than becoming adults.

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