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CUAC strives to develop Utah’s regional art-culture through innovative exhibitions of contemporary art and a commitment to education.


CUAC is a non-profit art center that is affecting significant change in Utah’s regional art culture, building critical mass around contemporary art through exhibitions, artist development, and educational programs that create a context for understanding.

Formerly the Central Utah Art Center, CUAC was located in Ephraim, Utah, where it operated as an artist cooperative, and then as a leading venue for contemporary art in the state. Since its move to Salt Lake City in 2012, it has continued that aim, striving to be a pioneer in contemporary art in Utah and taking a multifaceted approach to community development through education and collaboration.

Since moving to Salt Lake City, CUAC has:

– Exhibited the work of more than 170 artists.
– Hosted more than 300,000 visitors (including CUAC@SLFS)
– Reached more than 3,500 people through our education program.
– Collaborated with UMOCA, UMFA, UFC, NOW-ID, SLFS, Fice, Copper Palate Press, SpyHop, Modern West Fine Art, Weber State University, BYU and U of U.

Thank you so much for your support of CUAC. With your help, we are strengthening the cultural community we live in.

$10 – Contributes to CUAC’s general expenses.
$25 – Provides one student with one workshop.
$50 – Helps cover exhibition expenses for Utah Ties.
$300 – Provides CUAC with one month of utilities.
$500 – Covers refreshments for an opening.
$1,000 – Covers expenses for a local artist exhibition.
$3,000 – Covers expenses for an out-of-town artist exhibition.