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During our first three years in Salt Lake City, CUAC has presented more than 40 exhibitions featuring a total of about 170 artists. CUAC’s programming has been both locally focused and nationally ambitious, and has included artists who have also shown at Gagosian Gallery, PS1, Whitney Museum of American Art, and MoMA, and who have been featured in Art Ltd, Art Forum, Sculpture, Juxtapoz, and Vice.

CUAC has also provided classes to over 2,500 elementary school students through our partnership with the Salt Lake City Public Library, where we hold classes at three branches, and for adults has provided classes in art criticism, art appreciation, and lectures by CUAC artists.

Contemporary art by its nature asks questions of its viewers and therefore provides an ideal platform for education and critical thought. CUAC’s aim is to develop a more complete cultural community through increased support for local artists, contextualizing them in an international art dialog and fostering a critical conversation, while helping to develop a collector base that is engaged with contemporary art that transcends our borders.

Your funding will support growth in culture and critical mass in the art community of Utah and will allow CUAC to develop more partnerships to create innovative programs both in Salt Lake City and in Sanpete Valley.

Thank you.

Adam Bateman, Director

A donation of $500 will support one week of class for 15 elementary students.
A donation of $1,000 will support an exhibition of a local artist.
A donation of $3,000 will support an exhibition of an out-of-state artist.