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CUAC is available for rent for receptions or parties.




Policy and Regulations for Use of CUAC Facilities

To provide additional benefit to CUAC’s partners and supporters and the public, CUAC’s gallery space is available for use by members of the community and partnering organizations outside of its regular business hours. This document provides guidance for how the rental or usage of the space by outside organizations and individuals is to be administered by CUAC staff, board members, supporters, and friends.

CUAC’s primary use of the space is as an art gallery and central hub of CUAC’s programming. Any additional use of the space should elevate CUAC’s cause, reflect CUAC’s mission, and further CUAC’s goals. In no way should additional use of the space interfere with CUAC’s mission, undermine CUAC’s standing in the international art community, or reduce CUAC’s positive impact in Utah.

CUAC’s mission statement: CUAC strives to develop and expand Utah’s regional art-culture through exhibitions of contemporary art and by creating a context for understanding it.

Policies Regarding CUAC Facility Use


1. CUAC facilities are maintained primarily for use by CUAC to accomplish its mission. If a space is not scheduled for a CUAC-related function, or an event by a CUAC programming partner, members of the public may apply to use the gallery. Each event request is considered on an individual basis according to the overall number of requests pending, staffing implications, and CUAC priorities.

2. Reservations will be given consideration on a first-come, first-serve basis. CUAC provides facilities for members of the public on an equitable basis (herein noted as applicant or group). To ensure equitable use of CUAC facilities, CUAC reserves the right to limit the number of hours the space may be used by an individual or group.

1)     For events or other usage lasting five hours or less in duration (including set-up time) and for which 100 or fewer people attend, the space may be rented for $500 per day/event/usage under the following conditions (additional fees may be added for more people, longer usage, etc):

  1. That the art on display will not be covered up or moved or removed or otherwise affected;
  2. The date doesn’t conflict with another CUAC event or unduly complicate CUAC’s program or staff schedules, as per the discretion of the CUAC Executive Director or the Director’s Representative;
  3. The renter does not exhibit art;
  4. The event takes place outside of CUAC hours of operation unless approved at the discretion of the CUAC Executive Director or the Director’s Representative;
  5. The renter must provide a refundable deposit of $500. At any time CUAC is open for use by an outside group or individual, it must be opened by a CUAC employee, and a CUAC employee must remain in the building for the duration of the event. Authorized CUAC staff may enter and remain in the facilities at any time during a scheduled meeting or event. CUAC reserves the right to attend any meeting held in its facilities to ensure that no unlawful activities occur on CUAC premises. Authorization for CUAC facilities use does not include the use of staff time other than to provide access to the facility or meeting room. CUAC may require its staff to be present at some activities to provide appropriate security, technical support, custodial, or maintenance services. The organization using the facility will be required to pay for these staff services.
  6. Use of non-CUAC equipment is subject to the approval of a designated CUAC staff member. All equipment, other than installed equipment, must be provided by the applicant. Delivery and pick up of rentals and other equipment must be coordinated with a designated CUAC staff member. Equipment and supplies may not be stored in CUAC for subsequent use. If left unclaimed for five (5) days after the end of an event, equipment and supplies may be discarded without notice to the applicant or liability to CUAC.
  7. CUAC Administration may choose to waive the rental fee for a program being offered by another organization if the purposes of the program are closely aligned to those of CUAC. Conditions for waiver of rental fee:
  8. Organizations, businesses, or individuals proposing events or use of space must demonstrate a mission, purpose, or intention consistent with CUAC’s mission, goals, or interests; or the event provides a development, collaborative, networking, or other opportunity for CUAC which advances CUAC’s mission, goals, or interests;
  9. The renter organization agrees to cover all costs associated with the event, or, in the case of co-sponsorship with CUAC, costs and plans are clearly agreed upon; and
  10. The organization co-brands the event with CUAC’s logo.
  11. The applicant shall leave the facilities in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the meeting. If damage to the room, its furnishings, the art on display, or equipment occurs during the meeting, CUAC may require the applicant to pay for damages. If the applicant is required to pay for damages, a CUAC manager will assess the reasonable cost of repairing the damages caused during the meeting and will notify the applicant of the damage assessment. The applicant shall reimburse CUAC for the damages by paying the assessed amount directly to CUAC within 30 days of receiving notice of the damage assessment. CUAC shall deny use of its facilities until the applicant pays the assessed amount;
  12. Permission to meet in CUAC in no way constitutes endorsement by CUAC or its Board of Directors of the policies or beliefs of the organization or individual using the facilities. No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement is permitted. A sign must be displayed clearly designating the event as a private event, not sponsored by CUAC;

3. Facility accommodations and seating capacity vary. See application form for location and maximum seating capacity of CUAC facilities.

4. All persons requesting to use CUAC facilities must agree to abide by CUAC policies and all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

5. It is the responsibility of the person who signs the agreement for facility use to serve as the authorized representative of the group and to remain on the premises throughout the period for which it is reserved, ensuring the safety and security of attendees and CUAC facilities, as well as ensuring that attendees observe the regulations set forth in this document.

6. CUAC requires adult sponsorship for any meetings involving persons of high school age or younger. The applicant and the adult sponsor must expressly agree on the application form that the adult sponsor will attend and supervise the meeting, and that the applicant and the adult sponsor will accept responsibility for, and will reimburse CUAC for, any damage caused by the group or by members of the group to CUAC.

7. If use is approved, a designated CUAC staff member will execute a written agreement for facility use with the individual or group. Applicant must agree to abide by the meeting room policies set forth herein and to pay appropriate fees (if any) as outlined in the fee payment schedule.

8. Approval to serve refreshments or food must be obtained through prior written consent from CUAC manager. Fees may apply.


1. Applicants requesting use of CUAC facilities shall fill out a written application form furnished by CUAC. Application must be submitted in advance of a scheduled event. The applicant or a designated representative must sign the form. The applicant will clearly state on the form the purpose of the meeting, date and hour of the meeting, the name of any sponsoring agency, and the subject to be discussed.

1. CUAC premises must be returned to its original condition; groups or individuals using CUAC property assume liability and shall be liable for any damage resulting from said usage as assessed by CUAC.

2. CUAC does not assume responsibility for materials, equipment, or any other article left by an organization, group, or individual in CUAC and will not be liable for loss, theft, or damage thereto. If items are left unclaimed for five (5) days after the end of an event, items may be discarded by CUAC without notice to the organization, group, or individual, and without liability of CUAC.

3. Individuals or organizations reserving CUAC space(s) are responsible for ensuring that all necessary safety provisions are observed.

4. CUAC facilities are managed according to city, county, state and/or federal laws governing the protection of public property and fire safety.

5. CUAC is not liable for damages resulting from food served at events.

6. CUAC facility users agree to pay for any and all damages to CUAC property including, but not limited to, walls, floors, carpets, grounds, equipment, and furniture while property is being used. Failure to pay for damage will result in revocation of authorization for future use and/or other necessary actions.

7. No smoking is permitted in CUAC.

8. The renter must provide proof of liability insurance.