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Colin Tuis Nesbit

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Colin Tuis Nesbit
Colin Nesbit will be installing a new body of work that centers around death and the ritual of a funeral as a context to understand life more clearly. Working through his own fears and preoccupations with death Nesbit has created a series of sculptural works and drawings to create an environment in which the viewer might participate in the fabricated wake.

Understanding that funerals and other celebrations mark past time Nesbit gives visitors the chance to look ahead, and to the past, providing a sort of “dress rehearsal”for their own funerals. “Regrets Only. gives the it’s participants the a unique chance to find a balance between hope and fear.

“The hope is that all is as it seems and that these events lead to other milestones that have meaning and purpose.  The fear that these hollowed gatherings of people in places fades as one strains to remember the purpose they have in life.”

Noting the irony of death being a celebration or a sad party Nesbit creates an environment through the genre of installation that allows the viewer to move between the hope that one would have at the end of this life and the fear associated with the end.