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CUAC operates on the idea that art education starts with exhibitions of thought provoking and conversation starting artwork.   The art exhibited, the way it is curated, the way it is made, and the issues it deals with is a point of departure for learning about the larger conversations art is engaged with about visual culture and many other issues.

CUAC staff is educated about the art exhibited in our gallery spaces and operates a docent program to help visitors engage with the art and understand the ideas the artists are working with.  Feel free to ask questions or ask for a free tour on your visit.

CUAC hosts an education program that includes three main components:

1) CUAC at the Salt Lake City Public Library–a program for Pre-school, Elementary School, and Middle School aged students that has art history and hands-on elements to the curriculum. Email art(at)cuartcenter(dot)com for details.

2) Classes in the Studio Mentor Program–for adults and advanced High School aged aspiring artists.  This program is a personally tailored program that matches aspiring artists with professionals in the area of interest and classes are taught in the artist’s studio. Email art(at)cuartcenter(dot)com for details.

3) CUAC offers a lecture and discussion program that takes place at CUAC and occasionally off site at universities and other venues around the state. Sign up for our mailing list for announcements.


Spring and Summer 2017 Curriculum

The theme of Modern Art and having fun interactive classes for youth that integrate history and the time of year into action will serve as the basis for this Spring’s curriculum. 


February : Expressionism: Learning How to Creatively Express Yourself

March: Fauvism : All About Color, from Vincent Van Gogh to Henri Matisse

April : Impressionism : Artistically Exploring the World Around You

May: Spring into Summer : through a lesson in Abstraction and Surrealism 

June-August: A Summer of Fun : Pop Art, Street Art, and Everything In-between!

Salt Lake City Public Library Locations: Marmalade Branch, Main Library, Sprague Branch, and Riverside Branch


Monday 4pm  Marmalade Branch Ages 5+

Tuesday 10am Main Library ages 3-5

          4pm Main Library ages 5+

Wednesday 4pm Sprague Branch ages 5+

Thursday – No classes offered

Friday 11am Day-Riverside Branch Ages 3-5