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New work from Robert Mellor

"Feature" Robert Mellor

Exhibition Dates: April 27 – June 1, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, April 27, 2012 from 7-10:00pm


Robert Mellor’s paintings can be viewed as new propositions for visual enactment by the viewer, each work providing cues for engaging with the composition, layer by layer, edge by edge, line by line, color by color.  While it can be said that any work of art comes alive as art by a viewer’s active engagement, Mellor foregrounds this relationship by composing works of arresting beauty that compel viewers to re-enact the process of composition with the artist.

In his work Mellor often combines references abstracted from landscape and organic forms, cityscapes and architecture, and cascading fabric from fashion design in totally new ways. His astonishing and original color harmonies command attention and continually reward viewers who take a contemplative pause and convert compositional space into time.  Mellor is also the edge master, sculpting visual space with his hard-edge lines and interplay of forms, working at the edge of figuration and abstraction, building paintings from multiple layers that push the works into three dimensions as substantial objects in their own right.

Mellor has been developing a new body of work with ever more complex planes of space and compositional layers that reference traditional landscape imagery and multiple approaches to abstraction in highly original combinations.  He composes multi-layered paintings in acrylic in which the space of the painting is fractured through visibly cut overlapping planes.

His new paintings expand on his use of multiple planes and layers of space in figurative abstraction works that combine ground layers of ink washes on which the multiple layers of acrylic are imposed in sharp relief. Mellor’s original paintings are a set of enticements and seductions for viewers that make a bold, affirmative statement for new directions in painting today.

Robert has exhibited work in California, Washington DC, and Japan. He is originally from Massachusetts, and was educated in New York and California.

by Martin Irvine

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