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untitled edifice: New work from Stephanie Leitch


"untitled edifice" Stephanie Leitch

Exhibition Dates: April 27

Opening Reception: Friday, April 27, 2012 from 7-10:00pm

This installation is part of a series that seeks to uphold the aesthetic value of images in dominant culture while simultaneously subverting their purport of power. She is not interested in defacing or destroying, but rather extrapolating, isolating, inverting, and repurposing as a means of artistic edification. In this specific exhibit, Leitch has inserted one architecture onto another, interpolating ideas of place and purpose. In folding a document of space onto one that exists in real time, she is also exploring the hyper-real and notions of constructed realities. Ultimately, the aim is to emphasize form as the most prominent component, in order to universally welcome the viewer to be drawn into the layers of experience.

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