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Covered in Stars: Curated by Rachel Stallings

Exhibition Dates: February 10 – April 6
Opening Reception: February 10, 7-10pm
CUAC Annex-The Pizza Gallery

Participating artists:
Clarissa Lewis Anderson
Maura German
Alex Jameson

Clarissa Lewis Anderson:

My work explores what is important to me as a woman and wife. Living in Provo, Utah, I feel surrounded by an image of the ideal wife; but also pressured to be what society says a woman must be. I’m searching to reconcile these contrasting values as I discover who I am.

Maura German:

My work has developed from images I imagined at two separate times. The first image was a dark tunnel that expanded into a light opening. The second image contained a huge wooden frame that had countless black threads strung vertically and tied at both ends; I knew I had tied each thread as I watched myself cutting them as I walked by. I have been drawn back to these images over and over, trying to understand what they mean. My work is informed by that search. It is about reaching again and again, drawing meaning from what I have seen.

Alex Jameson:

I can’t help but be aware of our relationship to the universe. I find myself caught up in its beauty, largeness, and mystery. So much of my time is devoted to wondering about its vastness and wishing to be a part of it outside the limits of our earth. This leads me to think a proper self-portrait of myself would be my face covered in stars. I’m also playing with the idea that we are literally made from the remnants of stars and that in our universe everything is interconnected. I’m interested in the repetition and re-imaging of the universe. I like to imagine and be playful with interpretation of what it might look like to view a nebula from a close proximity. There is so much we don’t know about the universe; so much of it, though governed by laws, is theory. This unknown gives me a subject matter to explore and create my own ideas of what it could look like.


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